Julieth Cabrera, creative owner of PupoCoArts

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“Keep on shining, keep on creating, keep on moving; and when in doubt, take a deep breath and rest!”

These are the lovely words by our next artist who is from Canada – Julieth Cabrera, a lovely wife, a dedicated mother of 3 kids and a passionate crafter. She is the proud owner of PupoCoArts, her hand-lettered goods ETSY shop. In other words, she is the maker of “Beauties” on wood panels, mugs, coloring books, stickers, calendars and any other type of material that you would to like them on. Seeing her beautiful artwork and inspiring thoughts, I believe that she is an amazing person and I am excited to tell you more about her😊


Her Journey

She has always loved to draw and paint since childhood. She used to make crafts, but never with the purpose of selling until she gave birth to her second baby. When her beautiful daughter, Ariana, turned 6 months old, that event inspired Julieth to pursue her passion and open her own ETSY shop – PupoCoArts. She started her shop in December 2014. While being a housewife, mother of 3 children (5.5y, 3y and 1y) and managing her art shop, the ride has not been easy but she believes by following this route, it has helped her in multiple ways, including in the exploration and growth of herself, and making new friends who believe in her art and designs.

Pic 2

Through her hand-lettered goods and artwork, she chooses to paint her heart out. I really love her motto “to inspire all girls”. Her daughter, Ariana, is the real inspiration behind her “beauties” products, and Julieth believes in girl power. The most beautiful aspect about these beauties is that every beauty symbolizes a different character and different nature of a girl. Her art is about inspiring all ages and types of girls. These beauties that she draws portray the inner beauty of all girls. I love these beauties mugs and my favorite one is the “love” mug. Which one is your favorite one? There is more variety on her ETSY shop. Link to her shop is present at the end of this article. Go quickly grab your favorite one!

Reason behind her shop name

Pic 3Since the time I started to follow Julieth’s artwork, I always wondered the reason behind the name of her shop (PupoCoArts). When I was interviewing Julieth, I knew that this definitely would be my question on the list. She said that her son’s first word was PUPO which means pacifier in Spanish. She attached Co for company to that word. This is a very cute and unique but what makes it more adorable is that the thought of her children inspiring her passion. Her daughter is the inspiration of all the beauties and her son’s first word is the name of her shop. I love how she has involved her family, including their support and blessings, into her shop.

Her advice to other new artists

She believes that all of the artists should be a go-getter, that is, chasing your dreams. Set your mind, find your niche and stick to it. Your fire of creating new artwork should never stop. According to Julieth, no one should compare themselves to other artists, or no one should compare their art to others. Be who you are! Be You! Do You! When an artist is feeling down or uninspired, according to her, they should take a break, a break from their current art. Breaks are always good, as it will help the artists re-energize themselves and further help them in regaining their creativity. Julieth said, Be present, savor life and then find inspiration in simplicity.” When she is struggling with creative blocks, she just takes a break. At that moment, she spends time with her family and the smiling and joyful faces of her children and family recharges her and she is back at her working desk to continue her hustle. These are such amazing and inspiring thoughts! Her artwork fully justifies in what she believes. I love her simple thoughts.

Pic 4

Her path of creating artwork

She believes in going with the flow. Whatever comes to her mind and her heart, she likes to put it down on the paper. Her final touch is adding flowers to her artwork. The crown of flowers on each beauty is distinct and on point! Don’t you agree?

Her motto

BeYoutiful! Be Kind! And Be You! This motto is clearly depictive in all her beauties. All her beauties are beautiful in their own way.

Her hobbies

Her main hobby is to create beautiful art and her hobby and passion have become her work now. She also loves to do lettering. Julieth says that she is trying to find a new hobby but for that her busy schedule has to allow time. Although she is not a reader, she enjoys reading history articles.

Her dream

Her dream is to have her own creative fun space where she can host workshops on crafting and teach lettering. Seeing her hard work and hustle, we truly believe in her dreams and we wish that her dreams become a reality very soon.

Below is a showcase of some products made by Julieth

Some cute stickers


Pic 5

Some wooden family portraits

Pic 6

Some customized ornaments

Pic 7

Some more products such as pins, notebooks, prints, etc.

Pic 8

So, by now, looking at these beautiful products, you must be wondering where can I buy them? Or where can I place a custom order? Don’t worry, we got you covered, you can reach her at –

Pic 9

Instagram handle – PupoCoArts

Go check her out ETSY shop

For custom order or queries, her email address – pupocoarts@outlook.com

We hope you enjoyed reading about Julieth and loved her art as much as we do! Go support her shop and follow her on Instagram.

If you like this post, please leave your feedback below. If you would like us to feature any other artist, please email us at shivincreations@gmail.com or reach us through our “Contact Us” page.

Have a wonderful day, craft lovers! Keep calm and hustle hard!!


Picture Courtesy – PupoCoArts

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