Effort Never Dies

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How many of you know Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam? Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam was a former President of India from 2002 to 2007 and was a world-renowned scientist. He is also known as the “Missile Man of India” because of his exceptional work on the development of launch vehicles and ballistic missile technology. Before he took on the presidential duties, he was serving as an aerospace engineer at the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO). He was one of the most influential personalities in India because he was a source of inspiration and motivation for Indians. He was so inspirational that MTV nominated him for Youth Icon of the Year in 2003 and 2006 (at the age of 73 and 76, respectively). His knowledge and experiences are very valuable. He wrote great books such as “Wings of Fire” and gave inspiring speeches. Besides his vast knowledge, he was always down to Earth.

Among his influential quotes, there is one quote that I would like to discuss –

“END is not the end, in fact, END means Effort Never Dies. So, let’s be positive.”


When individuals hear or read the word “END”, they believe that something or some event is over and nothing great will happen afterwards. Well, in fact, according to Dr. Kalam, END is the abbreviation of “Effort Never Dies”. The reason behind his saying is that for every hardship, for every struggle and for every action we do, we will receive some sort of an award. The award may not come immediately but it will come in due time. Because this quote is strong and impactful, I have made a small canvas with this phrase.

Throughout life, we all experience ups and downs, highs and lows and bumps along the way. It’s how we react to the negative situations that truly defines us. We can use the strength of our own thoughts and willpower to get through the rough patches and move towards greener pastures. To be positive, it’s vital to retrain our minds to only think positive and always be hopeful about our environment and of ourselves.

Additionally, every effort that someone puts in matters. For a smaller goal, it may involve less effort; nonetheless, it involves putting effort in the first place! For a bigger goal, it will take a significant level of effort to achieve the results that we are looking for. No matter the size of the goal, its important to be positive and build positive energy while putting in the effort even when the task at hand seems tough. Life is continuously moving forward; with that being said, there is no END!

Keep putting in the time and energy into the goals that you want to accomplish! Start and continue chasing your dreams! Continue your hustle day after day and your efforts will pay off.

This mix media canvas is available in our Etsy shop. It is a perfect decor item for your office or work space. This is a perfect gift for your loved one to be a motivational reminder every day and can be placed in their work space, bedroom, kitchen or any location where they will feel a sense of motivation when seeing it.


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