Sumouli Dutta, Founder of Woodle Doodle Designs

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Today we present to you another beautiful and creative artist. Her name is Sumouli Dutta. She is based in Kolkata, India and is the founder of “Woodle Doodle Designs”. So what genre does she practice? What are we exploring?
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So today we will be exploring the world of “Doodling”. What is a doodle? As per the dictionary definition, it is “Scribble absentmindedly”. In other words, it is a type of drawing made when a person’s attention is otherwise occupied. Now, keeping that definition in mind, you must be wondering that I am also a doodle artist, as I doodle or so as to say scribble all the time. But after seeing the work of Sumouli, I can assure you that your perspective of a doodle artist will change. She is amazing at what she does. In a real sense, her doodles or her drawings actually show a different world. Let me tell you a fun fact, the word, “Doodle” first came into appearance in 17th century!
So, are you ready to know more about Sumouli and her venture “Woodle Doodle Designs?”

Pic 1

Her Journey So Far

Sumouli is a very passionate and a down-to-earth artist. She has been doing doodling since childhood. Just like most of us, she used to doodle behind notebooks and small scratch pieces of paper lying here or there. She had a keen interest in drawing since her school days. She always was fascinated with animated movies, cartoon shows and colorful children books. She was intrigued to know how all of this happens. She was eager to know as to what goes behind all of this. After school, she wanted to know more about the techniques, so she registered herself for an animation and multimedia course, where she started with first 2D animation skills followed by 3D animation. Her parents and family always supported her decision and stood by her side. Let me tell you another perspective; in India, back in the old days, Indian parents would always push for two main career paths for girls – either they become a doctor or an engineer. Very rarely, parents would support areas such as fine arts, animations and multimedia. Hence, Sumouli’s parents were not part of that conservative society and they helped her achieve all of her dreams and wishes.

Pic 2

During the teen years, kids like to go for parties or sleepover or restaurants; for Sumouli, her enjoyment would include a pen and a paper. That would be her weekends and she found that very peaceful and satisfying. Initially, she used to only draw and had thoughts that she is not that great. “It is not up to the mark” – those were the words of Sumouli and this encouraged her to always work more on her techniques and skill. She would judge her own style and she would compete with herself and always worked hard to become better every day. One day, one of her friend asked if she could design a “Thank you” card and seeing her work, her friend suggested Sumouli to start a Facebook page. Within 6-7 months, because of her hard work, her creativity and passion, her Facebook page had over 1,000 followers. Kudos to her for pushing through!!

Pic 3
In her initial days, Sumouli says she used to copy other people’s work. Her inspiration included Neha doodles and Alicia Souza, and she used to copy their works and is not ashamed of that. She used to do that for two reasons – one to learn the techniques and secondly by copying, she believed that one day she would be able to develop her own style. She believes in trying to develop her own idea and techniques. Seeing her artwork, she definitely has created her mark and we wish her all the best to keep on creating these beautiful artworks!

Pic 4

She did not do any marketing. She doesn’t believe in self-promotion. But what she did do was to keep the creation process going on! She first opened her Facebook page “Woodle Doodle Designs” in 2016 and then she added Instagram and she never had thought that she would have 5,000+ followers on Instagram. It was her work that proved her passion, determination and of course, creativity. Besides becoming popular, she also built a great network with so many wonderful artists. These artists are supportive, kind and appreciative colleagues. She learned so much from each of them and built a beautiful virtual bond with them which she had never imagined when she started her journey. Her journey is very beautiful, and she appreciates every single moment of it. She believes in “working hard and keep doing what you love.”

Pic 5

Apart from her passion towards illustration, she is also working as a visual merchandiser for a brand. I learnt something new from Sumouli – what is a visual merchandiser? In this role, the person is asked to create layouts for the showroom of the brand, create designs and vision for the brand. The goal in this job is to form strategies for the brand to attract, motivate and engage customers and persuade them to make a purchase with the respective brand. That’s pretty awesome! Currently, she is a visual merchandiser for Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Ltd. She takes care of their east and north-east showrooms in India.

Sumouli, who’s your inspiration?

There are many people who influence her and make an impact in her life. The main person is her grandfather. She gains all her principles and ethics of life from him. “Simple Living and High Thinking” is a quote that her grandfather taught her since childhood and has been glued to her. Her mom and dad are her pillars and she is fortunate to have such a loving and supportive family.
In her art world, she is inspired by many artists, such as Sara Faber and Neha (from Neha doodles). She is inspired by all types of artists, not just doodlers. The kindness of these artists, their struggles, their hard work and their passion motivate Sumouli.

The beautiful nature around Sumouli also inspires her. The gorgeous colors of nature and different environments motivate her to incorporate those pieces in her artwork. This brings my attention to another beautiful quote, “The “earth” without “art” is just “eh”.” Thank you Sumouli, for reminding us to appreciate Mother Nature and become inspired with our surroundings. Due to this inspiration, she loves to travel too and luckily, her work allows her to pursue this.

She is also inspired by herself. Her work, her struggles, her day-to-day hustle motivates her and keeps her grounded all the time.

Seeing her artwork so far, are you ready to know about her creation process? So, let’s find out!

Sumouli’s Creative Process

Sumouli is in the habit of continuous doodling. As long as she has a pen and paper around her, one would find her drawing something. She pays attention to all the things that are happening around her. She listens to others’ ideas and thoughts very religiously. After all of that, she sketches the concept that comes first in her mind. That concept could be a someone’s requested order, or it could also be her own thought/imagination. During the sketching process she continues to make changes as needed. Once the drawing is completed and all of the outlining is done, she moves on to filling the color and bringing life to her designs. If she is not liking something, she will experiment in different ways and finally picks what she likes and suits the doodle. In the case of a requested order, she takes an opinion from the client after she herself is satisfied with the artwork.

Pic 6

For creative blocks, she listens to music. She goes outside of the house, may be to a store or she tries to watch TV. In all, she stops sketching for a while. I read somewhere, “If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.” That’s what I learned from Sumouli, always keep creating.

In the initial days, when she started posting her artwork on the social platforms, she used to create the designs on her phone. Imagine such beautiful designs with so many intricacies involved such as drawing, shading highlighting and coloring on the screen of an iPhone 5C, isn’t that incredible? The apps she used to use were Autodesk Sketchbook. She used to always push herself to do her best besides all of these struggles; like for instance, she made 10-11 wedding cards on an iPhone screen. Kudos to Sumouli! There was no compromise within the quality of the artwork and it was clearly reflected – she received orders. As it is rightly said, “Hard work and dedication always pays off.” Her orders started to increase over time. It became a little hard to manage, so she switched to a tablet. She bought a very basic model as she believes that she will buy a better version when she is a little more skilled. She believes she still has a lot to learn. Since she made this transition, she uses the same app along with an app called “Procreate”. Procreate is the app which she uses for drawing and coloring. According to Sumouli, the brushes are really good. She continues to use Autodesk Sketchbook, especially for adding text with various fonts. This aspect is not possible with Procreate.

Pic 7
Her favorite color – orange and red
Her favorite food – pizza
Her favorite book – although she doesn’t get too much time to read, she can read the Harry Potter series at any point.
Pic 8
Her hobbies – her passion is to scribble. Besides, she also creates some other art and craft pieces.
Her thoughts about art – Art is the way you choose to express yourself and to create the art is like a celebration

Advice for other artists

Honestly, Sumouli is a great inspiration for all artists. She is modest, hard-working and passionate. She never quits. Her main advice to other artists is that “don’t get disheartened by the number of followers. Don’t run behind followers. Always try making sure that your quality of work is good. Always keep working on what other improvisation you can do. Remember, you are special and so is your artwork. People will like your work as your work gets better and better. So just focus on that.” Besides this, she also said, “There will be numerous people who will try to bluff you or take advantage of your work. In other words, such people can ask for creating a design for free. In that case, never work for anyone for free.” Some people can say that for the initial set-up, how can you charge people? Or don’t you have to set up the trust in audience? For those questions, here is the answer by Sumouli – “Make your art, post it on your page/social media platform and start with setting a bare minimum charge.” This is how she started. By setting the basic fee, the whole process will teach you how to set up price for a product, you will learn financial transactions and finally, it will help you grow your network, which means it will help you develop a level of understanding with your customers. Now with this process, the chance of someone fooling you or someone using you becomes less.
Pic 9
Now sometimes a lot of people ask, “How can you inspire yourself? How do you make sure that you are on the right track? How to develop more ideas?” Here’s what Sumouli’s opinion is, “Give yourself a topic! For instance, the topic is “BE HAPPY AND POSITIVE”. Draw or paint or write continuously on that topic for 10 straight days. Keep developing thoughts. The thought bank will grow once it performs like a habit. This will help you as well as your art to grow. Change that topic every few days and continue the process.” I like that idea a lot. I will try to follow it! What do you think about that approach? Do you like the process?
Pic 10Pic 11

Another advice that Sumoulis gave is “Be sure of your brand name! Don’t change the name of your company or your shop over and over. Yes, during your journey, the whole process may change, your practice of performing things or creating things may change, the topic may change, but your brand, your tag line should remain the name.” What I understood from this, the more you change the brand name or the tag line, it would be harder for people to trust in the brand. Be proud, be happy, be content. That is the key!

Pic 12
Let’s talk about her business

Pic 13

Sumouli never had the idea of doing a business, especially a business out of her passion. It is her passion and her passion for doodling that will continue to stay strong. Currently, she makes customized cards (wedding cards, greeting cards), story boarding designs, calendars, logo designs and poster boards. You can send her a request through email, social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and her Indiefolio portfolio. The links to all these are mentioned below. Check out her social media platforms and support her!

Facebook Page
Other links

Sumouli’s upcoming ventures
Pic 14

Her dream project is to illustrate her drawings and her art for a children’s book. Children at such a young age have an amazing mind and she wants to expand their horizons and creativity through her creativity. She wants to inspire with them through her doodling. She is working toward her goal. We wish her all the very best and we are confident that her dreams will definitely come true! Good luck, Sumouli 😊

Some of her Artworks
Pic 15

Pic 16

Pic 17

Pic 18

Pic 19

Pic 20

Pic 21

Pic 22

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We have amazing artists lined up for you…stay tuned! Till we meet next time…take care, folks!!

Image Courtesy: Woodle Doodle Designs

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