Sneha Tulsani, Creative Founder of Sneha Illustrations

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I am really sorry for the delay in the post. Sometimes things don’t go the way we plan. Don’t you agree? But that doesn’t mean we stop! We keep going and keep creating! So, here we are…

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Today we present another amazing and creative artist filled with so much passion, enthusiasm and creativity! Our next artist is Sneha Tulsani, a dentist by profession and a fashion illustrator by passion. She is a full-time pediatric dentist located in Nasik (near Mumbai), India. Besides practicing dentistry, she also teaches dental students. Furthermore, she is a creative and passionate fashion illustrator. She started creating fashion illustrations part-time in November 2016. So are you excited to know more about her? Well, I am sure that after seeing her artwork and thought process, you will be really amazed and inspired.


Her Journey So Far 

As I mentioned before, Sneha is a dedicated pediatric dentist. Since childhood, she has loved painting and fashion. With the hard work and hustle of attending dental school and developing her dentist career, she couldn’t find time to paint and draw. She is always fascinated by colors and different patterns on clothes and outfits. Since her teenage years, she used to look forward to New York Fashion Week. Glittery gowns and gorgeous flowers are best friends of almost every girl and yes, they are Sneha’s companion too.

Pic 2

One Sunday, Sneha was getting bored and she started sketching with a simple pencil and paper. She didn’t have any colors with her. Once her sketch was complete, she thought of coloring the sketch with nail paints. Yes, you read it right! Nail paints! Isn’t that creative? And then she thought of exploring the area of fashion illustration, especially through Instagram. Since she was new to Instagram, she uploaded the pic of her art work, without any intentions of reaching where she is present today! She continued her nail paint art along with other materials casually and she enjoys what she is doing. Her work is really a pleasure to the eyes!

Pic 3.png

Since Sneha’s profession as a doctor and teacher takes so much time, social media is not even in the picture. These illustrations are her stress-busters or her second love, I must say! She decided to continue this art on the weekends and that too, whenever she could possibly take out time. It was an opportunity to get away; as she practiced her skills every weekend, she started becoming better and then the real fun began! She started getting appreciation and started doing it more often. Sneha started buying more materials, a variety of colors and then decided to do it on a larger scale. As of now, she draws designer clothes and gowns, maybe from a fashion show or some collection or some other illustrator’s work. She takes inspiration from them and draws them and adds her perspective, her special touch to each work!

Furthermore, Sneha even shared with us her current schedule. Her every day begins at 6 in the morning and she goes to work and comes back at 5 in the evening. That is followed by her dental clinic and from there, she returns at 9pm and going from 10 O’clock through 11:30pm, she resumes her painting sessions. That’s the real definition of hard work, passion and dedication! Salute to you, Sneha! You are serving the community as well as following your passions. You are a true inspiration! Keep on doing what you are doing!

Pic 4

After hearing her journey, I was definitely tempted to ask, “Do you feel overwhelmed at times?” “How do you manage all of that?”

Sneha responded with ease and comfort. She said, “Art is stress-buster for me! In order for me to not think in a wrong direction, for me not to stress on work and other things, I chose art, or precisely saying fashion illustration as my go to!!” Sneha’s perspective is definitely a great way to handle the situation. There are a lot of people out there who feel down from similar situations and they demotivate others around them as well; however, what Sneha is doing and the approach she takes is incredible. I really love her thoughts and perspective. Don’t you agree?

Pic 5

How has the journey been so far for you, Sneha? Has practice changed over time?

“Art has been an evolving process.” Sneha started painting and drawing after 20 years and she believes that in the beginning, it wasn’t that great. Hand stability, the vision process and the execution were not her strong skillset. But now, slowly, steadily and over time, she sees improvements in her work. The appreciation she receives from her audience and her art colleagues definitely gives her an assured feeling. She still believes that she has a long way to go! Instagram has been and will always be her inspiration. Previously, she had never drawn a fashion illustration ever before. Many great fashion illustrators on Instagram have taught her and inspired her so much! Receiving comments from these illustrators encourages her, boosts her confidence and allows her to stay focused and on the right track. Such incidents encouraged her to study more on fashion illustration, learn more techniques from different books and websites. She is a dedicated self-learner who is spending every day to learn more and draw more! Sneha is living her dreams and prior to becoming a dentist, she always wanted to do something with arts and fashion; today she is blessed that she is able to do it. She is working towards understanding the techniques and is trying to take it towards a real profession. We wish you all the very best Sneha. We definitely believe in you and your hard work!


What makes Sneha a great artist? What is so unique about her work?

Sneha sketches these designer outfits and gives life to them in her illustrations. She makes her illustrations by adding different ingredients along with pen, pencil and colors. These additional components or you can say as props, brings her illustrations to life leveraging beautiful flowers and nail paints. For instance, she uses nail paints to add shine and glitters to the dress or gowns and she uses these flowers to get different textures and patterns of the gown such as their flow. Check it out yourself! The first one uses the flowers and the second one uses the nail paints.

Pic 7Pic 8

What are Sneha’s thoughts to this? Let’s hear from Sneha about her artwork process…

Just like every other girl, Sneha is a big fan of big gowns and glittery dresses! It is like a dreamy world and she loves to express her love for that through her artwork. Nail paint and flowers are her best buddies. They look beautiful wherever you add them and they bring shine with life. She starts by hunting for an inspiration, which may be through a fashion magazine, articles, fashion shows, or an Instagram post or picture. Once Sneha confirms the picture that she is going to illustrate, she draws the dress and fills the color with simple watercolors. Sometimes, she begins with flowers, as it completely depends on the picture and her mood. She lives in a very small town of Mumbai, so buying fresh flowers can be a hassle and hence, she buys them when she gets time or when she finds the right quality. After doing detailing with the watercolors, she sometimes adds nail paint to bring more shine and a glossy effect. She sometimes dresses the designs with flowers for the flow. Finally, when the design is ready, she takes a picture and further edits with Adobe Photoshop to get the best and the desired quality artwork.

How long is the whole process? From vision to the final product?

If it is a simple design, it might take Sneha half an hour and when the design is intricate, it can reach up to six hours. Six-hour long projects are usually weekend drills and the smaller projects are sometimes manageable during the weekdays. In the weekend, it usually starts on a Saturday night and ends on a Sunday. She likes to take breaks in between to allow for the creativity to flow. A New York Fashion Week design has usually taken her 6 hours from the original vision to finishing the final product.

What tools does Sneha use?

The tools she uses are as follow:

  • Paper – watercolor paper hot pressed, cold pressed 300gsm created by Brustro and Fabriano brands
  • Pencils used for sketching – 2H, F, HB created by Fabercastle.
  • Brushes – Watercolor brushes created by Camlin and Fabercastle (sizes 00 -10)
  • Nail paints, glitters, watercolor pencils from Fabercastle and flowers (which vary from illustration to illustration).

Pic 9

Pic 10

Sneha’s Business, Digital Approach and Personal Life

Pic 11

Pic 12

Her designs are uploaded on Redbubble, where the artwork is printed on either a t-shirt, a phone case cover, a mug, a purse or digital prints. Her work includes fashion illustrations, wedding illustrations, customized family or personal paintings. You can request custom artwork by messaging her on Instagram, Redbubble or email. The quality of these products is verified by herself. All links to her social media are shown below:




Go check out Sneha’s products at Redbubble or her Instagram page and show her immense love and appreciation. She deserves it!

Pic 13

How does a real flower or using nail paint transform into a digitalized version? It is definitely a unique concept. Other fashion illustrators that we have come across simply draw their thoughts or their art and then convert them into a print on a mug, a purse or iPhone case cover. However, in the case of Sneha, she uses real flowers or the actual glitters from a nail paint and then transforms that into a customizable print. How does that look? Let’s find out from Sneha!

According to Sneha, the snapshot of the entire art using a proper DSLR camera is the key to her unique creations. Image quality of the artwork plays a significant role as it captures the intricacies of the flower or the glitter or the other props. Furthermore, Adobe Photoshop also plays a huge role to this process. It helps with the image, such as contrast, brightness and shadows of a real object like a flower. It doesn’t look the same completely, but these tools do help bring out the best of her creations. She has self-verified the quality of the merchandise, as the printing techniques and image processing have improved from the past.

Pic 14

So by now you have read about Sneha’s journey, her creation process and her day-today schedule. You all know that besides being an artist, she is a dentist by profession, she teaches dentistry and further manages her married life very well. I asked her how she does all of this. How does she maintain a balance in all of these fields? What is the magic behind this?

Her family, her husband and her husband’s family are her biggest strengths as well as supporters in this journey. According to Sneha, her biggest critic is her husband. He gets to see all her artwork and his approval and feedback mean a lot to Sneha. She says that “when you are doing something you love, you never get bored of it.” That’s very true! She loves all of her responsibilities in all circles of life and she does not get bored doing any of it. Being a pediatric dentist, a majority of her patients are crying patients and this part of the world is sometimes not easy to handle. She loves taking care of them, she loves serving the best treatment to them, so she enjoys every bit of it. Kudos to you, Sneha! Please keep up the great work. You really are an amazing inspiration for all of us!

What are Sneha’s next goals?

“Seeing my current lifestyle, I am not sure of my next steps. Tomorrow, I may or may not be able to continue doing this fashion illustrations and art. I always want to take this to a larger level. Currently, I am doing this out of my passion and I try to put my 100% in it. Since it is not a complete profession, so I don’t know where it will take me next. Hence, I want to keep things a little flexible. I definitely want to collaborate with professional artists. Recently, I did some illustrations for Lakme Fashion Week and I liked it a lot. That was one of my biggest achievements. But let’s see what happens next.”

Pic 15

One thing that Sneha loves about the artwork the most and one thing that she does not like about the artwork

One thing that she loves the most in her works of art is the use of glitter nail paints. One thing that Sneha does not like is the difficulty she has in drawing the faces in the sketches. She feels that she is not that good in drawing the eyes, the mouth or overall face in the sketches and she is constantly working on improving those pieces.

Pic 16

Sneha’s favorites and hobbies

Favorite color– Red

Favorite food – Pizza

Favorite movie – The Intern

Favorite quote – She is inspired by the famous Coco Chanel. Her favorite quote from Coco is – “A woman should be two things: Who and What she wants!!” This quote always inspires her to do new things and create new artwork.

Pic 17

Hobbies – Sneha loves to cook. As she finds time, she is ready to experiment in food. She loves to make food of different cuisines.

When there is a creative block, what does Sneha do?

Her creative blocks occur when she is too tired. At such times, she usually puts everything aside and does not do anything. She tries to watch TV or browse online.

What is Sneha’s advice for other artists?

Pic 19

Sneha is so modest and humble that when she started answering this question, she mentioned she is not the right person for this question as she has not reached the mark. She is still learning and quite new in the journey. So at this stage, the only thing she wants to mention is that “If you feel like doing something, if you feel like creating something, just create! Just do it! Don’t think that I might do it some other time or I am not that good. Just start with whatever you have in your mind and then eventually things will definitely fall in place and improvements will happen. Your work will get better and it will get noticed. The basic thing is to just start.”

Pic 18

Closing Remarks

Honestly, after speaking with Sneha, I am truly inspired by her, by her creativity and her thoughts. You have amazing dedication and passion. Please never stop creating no matter what happens! May you always continue to grow and prosper like this!

So my art lovers, what do you like about Sneha’s journey? Leave a comment below! Her creations are so awesome. Please go and show her some love and appreciation. If you liked this blog and are following our series, please share your feedback with us. Also, please let us know if you would like to know more about another artist, we will definitely continue to bring more creative and inspiring artists in this series. Stay tuned for more creativity and inspiration!

Take care!

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