Radha Krishna: The Epitome of Love

My dear art fans,

Hope you are doing well. Today’s post is inspired by love. We will be focusing on one of the greatest love stories from the Hinduism religion.

Let me start by asking you all what is love? What comes to your mind first when hear the word “love”?

For me, it is quite simple, I simply think of “Radha Krishna”. Radha Krishna originates from Hinduism. Krishna is the 8th incarnation of Vishnu and Radha Rani (rani means queen in Hindi) was Krishna’s shakti (shakti means power in Hindi). In Hinduism, Radha is described as the supreme goddess who is worshipped by all. She is the protector and the mother of the universe.


Based on the Hindu scriptures, it is mentioned that every element of Radha was soaked in love for Lord Krishna and Krishna was overwhelmed by Radha’s love. Radha loved Krishna selflessly, wanting nothing in return. In order to understand Radha’s devotion and love, one should remove selfishness and become selfless in their service and love.

What are some qualities of true love?

There are specific qualities that Lord Krishna and Radha Rani showed towards each other:

  1. Devotion towards partner – When Krishna used to play his flute, Radha would become mesmerized in the moment, so much so that she would leave everything to go and dance around him. This emotion is depicted in this painting.
  2. Patience – This is the key to every relationship. It is believed that Radha waited for Krishna throughout her life after Krishna left her to complete his divine journey of defeating evil. In her old age, Radha went to see Krishna when he became king of a city called Mathura.
  3. Strength – You should derive your strength from your life partner. Lord Krishna derived his strength from Radha. There were so many Gopis (i.e., Krishna’s female devotees) who fell in love with Krishna. Although Krishna loved all of them, he lost his heart to Radha as she was constantly by his side during the entire stay in Vrindavan.
  4. Sacrifice – One should know when to sacrifice something in love. During one incident, devotees thought they would lose Krishna. Radha was ever ready to even sacrifice her life to save him. When Krishna had to leave Vrindavan to go for his divine journey of defeating evil, he knew he had to leave everything from his childhood behind including his love, Radha. It did not matter to Radha that Krishna would not be able to marry her or be present with her in physical form. She knew they were together always on a spiritual level. Their love was above this physical world and beyond the realms of the universe.

Pic 3

Love is not about being married with someone or just being with someone. True love means being connected with their souls.

Lastly, I would like to mention one aspect – in this painting, the green text symbolizes “Radhe Radhe” in Hindi. When devotees are preaching Krishna or when they are chanting about Krishna, they simply call the name of Radha Rani by saying “Radhe Radhe”. In this way, they remember both Krishna and Radha. In other words, Krishna is preached/remembered with the help of Radha. What a depiction of True Love!

Pic 2Pic 4

What are your thoughts on love? What are your thoughts on this painting? Share below. We would love to hear from you!

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