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How many of you have been in a situation where you apply for a specific opportunity, whether it’s a new job, scholarship, or new role in your company and someone tells you “No”? I am sure everyone has had a situation where this has happened, its definitely happened to me on more than one occasion. Each time someone has said “No” to something that you want to pursue or are interested in, it does feel disheartening. We should take these “No’s” in a positive manner! Every time someone tells you “No”, we should take it as an aspect to focus on our Next Opportunity! In the same manner, when one door of opportunity is closed, 100 more doors will open so we should focus on our goals and achieving them. This phrase is actually inspired by Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam (learn more about him in our previous post). He used to tell students during his pep talks, “If you get No as an answer, remember N.O. means ‘Next Opportunity’. So, let’s be positive.” There are moments in life in which every direction we turn, we only get a “No” response. We have two options when someone says “No” to us:

  1. Take it with positivity and focus on the next opportunity
  2. Dwell on why you were told No and put all your energy into that

Pic 1

Why focus or dwell on why someone said “No” to you? You can expound so much energy looking into why things didn’t work or how you can convince them to say “Yes”. Instead, focus on your next steps. Take the lessons learned from the previous opportunity and concentrate on putting together a plan to reach your goal.

I have put together this canvas for “Next Opportunity” shown below. This is a great gift for a friend or relative and can provide a daily motivational reminder to focus on their next opportunity.

Pic 2Pic 3Pic 4

Be sure to leave a comment below if you want another type of quote. For custom orders or any queries – whether it is something similar to this or something entirely unique and different, feel free to reach us either at shivincreations (at) or leave a comment here in the blog. I would love to create a custom painting for you and your beautiful home!

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