Good Vibes Only and the Power of Positivity!

Hello art fans,

I hope everyone is having a fantastic day! Today’s topic is focused around happiness, positivity and vibes! Positivity is the essence of happiness. When we feel good, we tend to be happier. When we are positive, we feel that situations and circumstances around us reflect the same environment. I want to share some positive energy with all of you!

To that point, I have created a canvas with the text “Good Vibes Only”. What does ‘good vibes only’ mean?

Good vibes only pic 6

Good Vibes Only refers to the vibrations that our body receives from the environment around us and the being inside of us. When we focus on good, we will receive good in return. In the same way, when you focus all of your energy on being positive, you will receive positivity in return and your body will continue to attract positive vibrations!

Good vibes only pic 1

Life is a beautiful ride when there are good vibes only!!

To take this one step further, our brain actually generates frequencies that can be read throughout the universe. When we generate positive frequencies in our mind (i.e., positive thoughts), then the universe reciprocates and sends positive events and things in return. It may seem like magic, but when you genuinely put your mind in a positive presence and are grateful for everything in your life, then the universe will bring more positivity to you.

Good vibes only pic 2

Good vibes only pic 3

Good vibes only pic 4

What are your thoughts on the power of positivity? Please post in the comments below! Also, if you love this work of art and would like it in your home or office, please message us! We would love to create custom designs with your favorite quote! Also, please don’t forget to check out our other blogs!

Hope you are enjoying our blog! Stay tuned for more fun posts and artwork…till then adios 😊

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