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Day 5 of the lettering challenge 😊🌈

Day 5 of the lettering challenge 😊🌈
“The key to hustling hard is to pause.” Perfect quote for all the hard working people, for all the hustlers! Take a break, recharge yourself and start the hustle again tomorrow. Enjoy this time by doing what makes you happy.

Taking a break always helps you recharge for something new ahead. It is scientifically proven that if one continues to work hard for an extended amount of time, the body starts giving signals that you are not having enough breaks and your body is in need of break. Various research studies have pointed that taking a break at least once an hour can easily increase your productivity. When you work or study, your brain is stimulating and when any muscle is rigorously stimulating, there may come a point when it can become numb or non-functional. So in order to avoid this, everyone should take a break or pause during this hustle. It is very true that a break or a pause can easily provide a nice and creative fuel. The break charges your brain and body, hence creative thinking will be enhanced.

What do you do to recharge? Do you work on a hobby, exercise, watch tv, read, or something else? I look forward to your comments:)

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Random drawing :)

Hello everyone,

Hope your week is going well!

Quote of the day – Be your own kind of beautiful!

We are all beautiful creations of God and sometimes in this fast pace of life, we forget to appreciate and love ourselves. We are all imperfectly perfect creations of God. Always be yourself! Always know how valuable and uniquely beautiful you are – just like every blooming flower in a garden. We are all blooming flowers in God’s garden! Let’s all bloom and grow together in this beautiful life! I am sharing a random drawing of a rose. Hope you like it!

“Inspiration is the fuel for your Hustle”

“Inspiration is the fuel of your hustle” is a very enthusiastic and realistic quote by Lilly Singh, aka Superwoman. This quote came from the book “How to Be a Bawse” written by her. I found the quote and the book to be really inspiring and motivating! Thanks to Superwoman for all that she does to help empower others! The book is simply an amazing read!! 

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If you like this sign and would like to have your custom saying or quotation either from her book or somewhere else, feel free to email me. Also, don’t forget to comment below your favorite quote..
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Thought of the day 😊

Thought of the day – Focus on good:)

Life is beautiful and let’s live to the fullest by focusing on the good days, good moments, good memories, good lessons……. There’s so much good in life, even it’s hard to see sometimes. No worries, just stay positive and stay focused!!!!!

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First day of summer ☀️

Celebrating the longest day of the year! Happy Summer 2017 everyone! I decided to use a different type of font and style when making this! Enjoy your summer! #hellosummer #instagood #happysolstice #picoftheday #beachtime #enjoythemoments #creativity #ilovesummer #butitstoohot #summer2017 #summerstateofmind #enjoythelittlethings #oceanholic #instalike #latergram #artistic #summerlovin #firstdayofsummer #summerlove #longestdayoftheyear #seasonaldecor #gettingcrafty #dontworrybeachhappy #shivincreations #myart #font #summervibes #custom

Quotation Canvas ❤️️

“All of Me Loves All of You”

 Sorry for posting after such a long time. Sometimes it becomes hard with college, especially when one is doing masters. This item took a long time to complete, as I spent only a few minutes each day. For me, painting is a great stress reliever and that’s what I love about it.

So this time, I tried something different. I wanted to make this for Valentine’s Day, but as you can see it never got accomplished…lol! I am sure a lot of you like the song – “All of Me Loves All of You” by John Legend. Its a great song and a great quote!! I tried creating a small canvas from the quote and tried decorating it my way. It was all impromptu….meaning I added components as I went along with the painting.

Please share your comments by sending me a direct message or leave it in comments section below:) I will be more than happy to take your feedback. This piece will be updated in the Gallery page. Lastly, if you like to see any quotation in my style or if you would like to order any quotation to decorate your home, please feel free to contact me through Contacts page. Looking forward to hearing from you 😊